Name: Sangeeta Chouksey.

Job Title: Business Support Administrator.

Place of Birth: Bhopal, India. 

Responsibilities: I work in Nicola‚Äôs Business Support team and am involved with internal administration. Much of my role is to support with the onboarding of new clients and to ensure we collate required Anti Money Laundering documentation. I also process all incoming mail, answer incoming calls and update internal systems to ensure we always hold correct client data. I regularly work on projects to update and improve the data we hold on our Practice Management System.

Past Achievements: I am happy with whatever work I do and I consider that as my achievement. I believe in  "do the best you can".

How I Spend My Free Time: Gardening, gym, trying new recipes (Indian), and socialising.

Hidden Talent: Home organising (which I got to explore since Covid time).