Dext and Xero makes bookkeeping effortless.

Dext (previously ReceiptBank) is a Xero add on that can cut out most of a company's book-keeping processes. Dext removes the need to enter bills, invoices and receipts into your accounting system. You simply take photos of bills in the app or forward email invoices to your dedicated email address and Dext extracts the data.  

Dext integrates seamlessly with Xero which means your information ends up in your accounting system without you doing anything! Not only does it cut down on book-keeping time it also might just help you reduce your costs as you no longer have to pay for someone to enter this data into Xero. 

If you opt for one of our fixed fee packages, Dext will be included. For clients on bespoke packages we can add this onto your services for £10+VAT per month. 

We provide training and support on Dext Prepare just as we do on Xero.

Dext Prepare key features:

  • Data extraction on accounts payable items (invoices & receipts)

  • Multiple submission methods

  • Classification of accounts payable items

  • Submit both purchase invoices and expense claims

  • Archive to store items

  • Expense management

  • Dashboard to manage multiple accounts

  • iPhone and Android apps

  • Automatic publishing to Xero

  • Customer support from our Welcome Team, Customer Coaches and Helpcentre resources

  • XeroMatch - automatically match your paid invoices and receipts to your bank feed in Xero