Our Outsourced Finance service has been specifically developed for larger companies who want to improve their internal accounting processes, removing the need to create an internal accounts team or to remove the need to grow an existing team! Our Outsourced Finance service normally provides a processing service coupled with support from a dedicated Client Manager to assist with the preparation of reporting and to look after the management of the finance team's work (including your existing team). 

Dedicated Client Manager.

You will have a dedicated Client Manager who will oversee the outsourced finance service we provide. They will both manage our team and work with your existing finance team (if applicable). They will control workflows and ensure your internal deadlines are met. They will also work with you to streamline your processes and ensure correct internal controls are in place and will work with your auditors to ensure any improvements needed are implemented. The Client Manager will review all work and where required provide support with monthly reporting packs. Your Client Manager is there to answer any queries you may have with regard to your accounts. 

Outsourced Processing.

We will take over the processing of your invoices and bills. Normally we take over the full process and management of the process, however, we are also able to provide support to plug gaps within your existing team. The processing services are delivered by our Finance Analysts.

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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