What we do.

At Mint Accounting we offer a range of fixed-fee business service packages to suit every business from small sole traders to larger audited businesses.

We recognise that one size does not fit all, so despite our business services being set out in packages, more often than not we bespoke them to suit you. Every business has different needs so we will always structure services to meet your specific business needs. 

How we work with clients.

We love systems and automation. As a small business ourselves, we recognise the importance of operating as efficiently as possible and software helps us do this.

All of our business service packages include our recommended accounting system, Xero. We have been working with Xero since their introduction to the UK over a decade ago and our team are Xero experts. We also provide all of our package clients access to Dext Prepare (previously known as ReceiptBank). Dext allows you to streamline your internal bookkeeping processes by removing the need for you to manually enter bills and receipts. Find out all about Dext here

If you are simply looking to move your business to Xero and want to remain with your current accountant, then we do offer a consultancy service where we will come in, fully set up the system, and deliver training to your team. Please get in touch for more information.

Looking for funding?

We have helped many clients successfully source funding to grow their businesses. We ourselves are a crowd-funded business and know how critical cash is when you are looking to grow. We can provide funding support services, such as forecasts and management reports. We also work with a funding platform that allows you to look at what funding may be available to you. More information can be found by click the button below. 

Client referral scheme.

All of our clients are eligible for our client referral scheme. This scheme helps clients reduce their accounting fees. When you successfully refer a new business client to work with we will credit your fees by £200. You can refer as many clients as you like and there is no cap to the refer credits available. This means some of our clients don't actually pay accountancy fees! 

Want to know more about how we can help you grow your business? Get in touch!

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