Name: Nicola Whammond. 

Job Title: Payroll Manager & Business Support Lead.

Place of Birth: Dundee, UK.

Responsibilities: My main role at Mint is to lead our internal payroll department, with ultimate responsibility for client pay runs, PAYE, pensions processing and all payroll related queries. I also look after internal HR which includes interviewing candidates, preparing offers & contracts, managing team holidays, delivering team benefits and looking after staff wellbeing.

I am currently taking over more of responsibility within our internal business support team, assisting with the onboarding of clients, data management and business admin. 

I lead a team of two who support me in all of the above areas. 

I am a member of the Senior Management team and am involved in internal process improvement, team growth, improving services, delivering efficiency and ultimately cost effective solutions for clients.

How I Spend My Free Time: Watching football with my nephew (big Liverpool fans and will be down in Liverpool this coming weekend for the game) and going to my gym which is on a farm. It's all tyre flipping / weight lifting / strongman type workouts! Big animal lover and have two cats and a parrot.