Name: Eva Ramos.

Job Title: Outsourced Finance Team Finance Analyst.

Place of Birth: Santander, Spain.

Responsibilities: I am part of the outsourced finance team, providing the services of a finance department to a number of clients. I assist in the with account processing (invoices and bills) where required but my role is more focused on complex transactions and bespoke reconicliations for our Outrouced Finance clients. I assist in the preparation of VAT returns and bespoke reports required by these clients. I also train junior/new members of our Outsourced Finance team.

Past Achievements: Getting a degree in another language, learning English, moving to another country on my own, having a very stable life with my husband, friends and family and economically. 

How I Spend My Free Time: I like gardening, water-colouring, travelling, watching tv, and squash.