Name: Chloe Marks

Job Title: Contractor Finance Analyst.

Place of Birth: Glasgow, UK.

Responsibilities: I work in the contractor and freelancer team. I have day to day responsibility for completing their bookkeeping, preparing VAT returns and draft management reports. 

I am also involved in Mint’s internal accounts. I assist with our monthly invoicing, processing bills, complete bookkeeping and prepare our VAT returns. As part of this role I am often involved in projects to improve our own internal accounting processes and data. 

Past Achievements: I graduated in 2020 from Edinburgh Napier University with a BA (Hons) in Accounting and Corporate Finance.

How I Spend My Free Time: I like to read and knit, I also enjoy getting out in nature and visiting art galleries or museums.

Hidden Talent: I suppose most people are usually shocked to find out I have played the Alto Saxophone for 10+ years, haha!