Name: Allison Walker. 

Job Title: Managing Director & e-Com Team Lead.

Place of Birth: United Kingdom.

Responsibilities: As Mint’s Managing Director I have ultimate responsibility for everything that happens at Mint. I set the business strategy and manage our internal performance reporting. Our Senior accountants and technical team report directly to me.

 I provide Fractional Finance Director (FD) services to a number of our clients. Preparing forecasts, sales analysis, performance reports and benchmarking for these clients. I prepare board packs and join Client board meetings. As Fractional FD I work with clients to improve internal processes and structure in order to improve profitability.

In addition to the above I lead our e-Commerce accounting team and continually develop the services we offer this client base. Outside of Mint I own a brokerage that sells e-Commerce businesses so have a detailed understanding of the services these businesses require. I am am uniquely placed to ensure we offer services that enable these clients to grow, secure finance and exit successfully.

Past Achievements: Designing the Mint brand and launching the business in 2010.