Mint has a large personal tax department. We provide support to anyone who is required to submit a personal tax return, regardless of whether we provide services to a business that they are associated with.

Fees for personal tax returns vary depending on the number of income sources you have.

Fees start at £400+VAT for basic self-assessments, but we reward you with a 50% discount when you submit your information to us early. You could have your tax return prepared for as little as £200+VAT!

We also offer discounts to large employers so if you provide a tax return service to your employees - or are interested in doing so - please get in touch with us to discus this further.

We do not just prepare tax returns, our in house Tax Team also provide tax consultancy services where clients have complex or one-off tax issues.

Our team specialises in:
- Tax Enquiries and Investigations
- Non residency
- Capital Gains Tax Planning
- Inheritance Tax Planning

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