Mint Your Own Business: Boost team loyalty with time off benefits

I’m super excited this week as my best friend and her partner of 11 years are getting married. We had been speaking before Christmas about how they had to take annual leave when they didn’t need it, as her employer operates a use it or lose it policy. With the wedding and honeymoon, holidays are pretty tight as it is. It occurred to me that these are the sort of things that really annoy employees and may result in them being demotivated. It also occurred to me that we offer some pretty good non cash benefits to our team and I thought it would be worth sharing these. 

We allow our team to carry forward holiday (we do cap the number of days that can be carried so it isn’t a free for all). This is normally only offered to senior team members (as part of their benefit package) but we do often allow all of the team to do this.  We run our holidays to match the calendar year and often find that team members have holidays left to use in the last quarter of the year. This tends to be our busiest quarter, so it suits us and the team to allow them to carry the holiday forward. 

We offer wedding leave as a benefit to some of our team members, giving them an extra 2 days off if they are getting married. 

We also offer moving home leave to some of the team, again allowing 2 additional days off if they are moving home. 

Moving and weddings are two of the most stressful times for people so giving them a couple of extra days off is our way of helping out. It also ensures we maintain productivity levels, if a team member is moving/packing before and after work for a week then their thoughts are going to be tied up in this and not focused on work. 

Though additional holidays do come at a cost to the business, there is no additional cash payments from us so our costs stay the same. This sort of benefit is a really good option for small businesses, especially where profits are tight and pay rises or bonuses are not an option.