Mint Your Own Business: Get a business credit card with rewards!

Whilst Charlotte spent last year looking at how we get paid, I was busy looking at how we pay for things. Business bank accounts and credit cards seem to offer so much less (in terms of interest and rewards) than personal bank accounts and this has always annoyed me. After some research, I discovered a new credit card company that offered something in the way of rewards and so decided to switch us. 

Capital On Tap allows businesses to earn rewards points that can be turned into either a 1% cashback or Avios reward points. We have gone with Avios reward points just now - as business owners we get few perks of the job and a nice hotel or flight now and again would be a dream. You can switch between the cash back or Avios easily or even split between the two.
There is an annual fee of £250 with this card but this is fairly easily covered.  There are no FX fees, ATM charges or other monthly fees which is great. On top of this we have been able to get credit cards for team members so they can pay for expenses / office supplies as and when they need to. You set your own credit limits for the additional card holders so you can modify depending on the employee.  
The credit card also feeds straight into Xero! This might not sound like a big deal but getting credit cards that offer bank feeds for Xero can actually be quite tough, we used to have to import statements for our old cards. This not only makes processing time quicker it reduces the amount of queries we get about payments from our own internal accounts team. 

We definitely recommend looking at this card for your business or at least watch the video below. If you decide to go ahead you can use our referral code 1REFZ265U36 which gives you £75 credit on your account.  Full disclosure: we also receive a small referral fee but this is in no way influencing our decision to tell you about this - we just want you to know about a credit card that actually works well from a business perspective!