And we are back…

That’s right, after 18 months of silence, we are returning to the world of social media and the public eye. So much has happened in our business over the last two years, good as well as not so good, so we decided to take time to focus on our service, our own business efficiency and of course our clients. 

To be honest, we have never been great at the whole PR and social media thing, often creating plans and then not sticking to them. As, like most people in business, we get caught up in the day to day running of the business and then social media activity just slips, but not this year! After taking the time to focus on the internal workings of the business and redefining our strategy both of us are ready to push forward and get back to it. 

This is really the first of our Mint Your Own Business posts. This year we will be running a series of blogs and vlogs that will hopefully provide you with a good business hack or inspire you to keep pursuing your business dreams. Some posts will be technical (aka accountant like) and others will be stories from life in our own business. We hope something we have to say this year helps you and your business. 

So today’s Mint Your Own Business tip is to take the time to think about something you have been talking about doing in your business for a long time but just never got around to doing. Take the time to properly think it through and work out why you haven’t taken the action (obviously cost it too if necessary). If you want to get someone’s opinion on it then please do share it with us - we would love to help. 

Start the new decade as you mean to go on, we are…

Allison and Charlotte