The New Mint App

We are super excited to re-launch the Mint App this week!

We have had an app for a couple of years but it wasn't working how wanted it to and, as with all things that cost money to fix, it had been pushed down the priorities list. Thankfully we found the time to look at this more closely at the start of the year and we now have an app that we love and think you will love too!

How to get the App:

All you need to do is search 'mint accounting' in your app store. The app works on IOS and Android so you will be able to get it no matter what phone you use.

The App is free to download irrespective of whether you are a Mint client or not but if you are a client we think it is going to make your life much easier and here is why:

You have one place to go for everything!

The app links to Xero and also contains a Receipt Manager (which can be Receipt Bank if you use that), a mileage tracker and an income tracker for non business income! This means you will be able to manage all of your finances from the app. Here are some tips for using the app:

Register your details:

When you download the App be sure to register your details. This will allow us to contact you in the app to remind you about important deadlines or to confirm meetings.

The Receipt Tracker

Start using this straight away!

If you already use Receipt Bank then you can link the app to that. This is the best option for using the app as the detail and the image of the receipt will simply appear in Receipt Bank.
If you don't use Receipt Bank you can still use the app to take pictures of your receipts. You will need to manually enter a very small amount of data along with the picture but at the end of the day/week/month you can simply export the Receipts and send them straight into us (via email from the App).

Mileage Tracker

Completing mileage logs is something we find painful ourselves so the in-app mileage tracker will be well used by the Mint team.

When you are off out in the car to a meeting all you will need to do is open the App and start the mileage tracker. Once you reach your destination you stop the tracker and the app will record the journey. Mileage can then be sent to us each month directly from the App.

There are lots of other useful tools held within the app including Xero training videos, tax calculators and financial news, so do download it now.

Competition Timeā€¦

If the above hasn't inspired you to download the app maybe a little competition will. If you download and register your details on the app this month (May) then you will be entered into a draw to win a bottle of champagne. We will pick TWO winners from those of you using the app on June 1st 2017.