Charlotte: The Man that Changed my Life...

Suggesting my life has been changed by a man is not something people who know me would expect to say. Don't get to excited I am not getting married or anything! I actually haven't even met this man, its an online relationship type thing...

Being on medical leave for the last 2 months (all is well -- I had a hip op) I did manage to stop myself slipping into the day to day running of our businesses too much, which left me with some time to do other stuff. There is so much to get through in any given week at Mint and anyone who knows me knows I am always running from one place to another. I know anyone who runs a business (or businesses) feels like they are constantly juggling plates and never have time to do what they want to do. I used my time off to 'sort myself out' and get ready for the year ahead, in the hope I could make life a little less hectic.

I recently discovered Dan Meredith and he has kind of changed my world! Allison read 'how to be f*cking awesome' and suggested I did too as she felt he was my kind of person, she couldn't have been more right!

Dan has a podcast 'Death, Glory, or Disappointment' which you should download immediately! The podcast titled 'time off' really got me thinking. Dan uses a concept by which he only plans to do 5 big/important things a day. 3 of these have to be done, the other 2 need to be done but can roll over to another day. He starts the week with a massive to do list then shrinks it down based on priorities and then slots the 5 things a day into his weekly planner. He then also plans in time for food, reading and exercise (which I think is the bit that got me hooked).

Anyway I have started following this concept and it is working wonders for me. I am so much more focused than I was before. I am getting through all 5 daily tasks and actually managing to do more. I am scheduling time for email and ignoring it outside of this time. I think this is probably the critical bit as email often ends up taking over as your to do list. Dedicating slots to different pieces of work means I have to deliver. As someone who sees exercise as fundamental to my mental state and energy levels planning all of this into my working day keeps me motivated and happy.

If you are struggling to manage your time you really do need to go and check out Dan's podcast and books. I have planned an hour a day into my diary for reading and podcasts so if you know of any others that would inspire me please do share!

So shout out and thanks to Dan for making me take a step back and think about my life.
Check out Dan here
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