Mint Profile: David McIndoe

Meet David, our in house tax Guru! David is the Tax Manager at Mint and heads up our whole tax department. At this time of year this is the only place you will see him as he is currently locked away getting all of the last minute personal tax returns completed. We thought we would give him a shout out to let him know we are thinking of him.

People may assume tax types are boring but don't be fooled David actually is pretty interesting...

David's Profile

Full Name: David Robert McIndoe
Age: 30
Role: Tax Manager
Mint Office: Dundee (and Aberdeen every other week)
Lives: Perth
Children/Spouse: I married Lucy in February 2016 but no children yet.
Pets: Lucy has 2 cats...I am allowed to share the house with them…

David has a BAcc (Hons) with International Accounting from the University of Glasgow.

He member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) following completion of his CIOT exams in July 2015.

What David says about himself…

Burning Desire: To complete our tax returns by Christmas and take January off as a holiday!
Favourite film: Wolf of Wall Street
Favourite song: No song in particular but love a bit of 90s dance...
Favourite food: Indian

Things you love: My wife of course…(she's probably reading this)...Glasgow Rangers...not necessarily in that order!

Advice you would give to someone starting a business: Use Mint as your accountants - the staff are brilliant and the tax manager is the best I have ever met…(this was David's own answer hence why we love him so much)

Something no one knows about you: I have a forklift truck licence and I have appeared in the Financial Times...these two incidents are completely unrelated!

What we would tell you about David...

He is a walking personal tax encyclopedia. Though he has extensive knowledge of UK taxes, personal tax is really his thing. This has made him an invaluable part of our team since he joined us in late 2015. Finding a great Tax Manager who had a personality had been a serious problem for us, when we met David we knew instantly he would make a great Minty.

He LOVES Glasgow Rangers. He spends most of his life following them around the country, which isn't easy when you live in Perth, work in Dundee and have a season ticket for a Glasgow ground.

Keep going this month David, February is in sight!