A Present for You...30 for 30 Special Offer

Today Charlotte, our Commercial Director, turned thirty. This may not seem old to some of you but Mint started when she had just turned 24, so the thought of Mint being 6 is making her feel very old! As she is off celebrating (or drowning her sorrows) and being lavished with gifts we thought it only fair to spread the birthday love around, so we have gift for YOU...

For the next 30 days we will give you 30% off fees for 3 months.

If you aren't yet a Minty and move over to us by 21st October then you will receive 30% discount on your monthly fee for 3 months.

If you are already a client and refer another business to us (and they come on board by 21st October) then you too will receive 30% off your fee for 3 months.

All you need to do is quote '30 for 30' 'Charlotte is 30' or 'Charlotte is getting old' or 'Charlotte is starting to look her age' (basically anything that refers to her birthday) when you contact us.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch on social media, email getminted@mintaccounting.co.uk or call us on 01224 714789.