Mint Love Workflow Max

We all know that Mint love Xero, but we also love Xero add-ons! At Mint, we believe one of the key benefits of using Xero is the huge array of add-ons available. There are add-ons which allow you to fully integrate all of your business systems and therefore increase business efficiency. Add-ons are available to suit all types of businesses and over the next few weeks we are going to review a few of the ones we love the most.

We are starting with WorkFlowMax, as we are delighted to now be a certified WorkflowMax advisor! We think Workflow Max is brilliant for construction, manufacturing and trades related businesses and we are now setting this up for more and more clients.

What does WorkFlowMax actually do?

WorkflowMax is essentially a project management system with increased functionality. The features include:

Lead and prospective customer manager


Client relationship management functionality


Job management

Document management

Job Reporting

Full Xero integration (obviously our favourite feature)
So why do we love WorkFlow Max so much?

1. All in one toolkit

Experience shows that a large number of SMEs are still using multiple systems to run their businesses. Such systems perform core functions for the business but they don't do everything the business needs them to, so additional systems are used to ensure all business requirements are met. In a construction or trade business it is vital that you can manage all aspects of a project from quoting to scheduling, to costing and invoicing but using multiple systems for each can limit how you evaluate this information. WorkflowMax provides a solution to this. WorkflowMax and Xero work together so all data moves between the two systems without additional action by you. Having a fully functioning project management system integrated with your accounting systems allows for true cost control and forecasting. We have seen real benefits of this with some of our existing clients, with some very quickly realising they have customers who make them no money at all and simply eat away at staff time! Therefore WorkflowMax can save time, improve productivity and increase profitability.

2. Business intelligence at a click

Business intelligence is a hot topic in 2015. The use of cloud related platforms has the ability to allow business owners to collect even more data regarding what is going on in the business. The other thing SME businesses face when using different systems is having difficulty to track the important metrics because each of the tools has its own reports, analytics and formats. However, WorkflowMax keeps all the data in one place which allows you to gain an overview of important details of your business.

3. Access from anywhere for the whole team

WorkflowMax, like Xero, is a cloud based system and therefore accessible from anywhere. You can use it at the office, at home or even on site with your clients so you can manage and update projects as you go. You can give all your team members access so they can update their time and job records as they work too!

So if you're looking to improve business efficiency, reduce costs and get full control over projects why not check out WorkFlowMax at www.workflowmax.com or get in touch with team getminted@mintaccounting.co.uk