Mint Update: Amazon Businesses and the 10K Collective Podcast

Over the last 12-18 months we have been working with a number of businesses dedicated to selling on Amazon. This all started with our wonderful client Ben Leonard who previously owned and ran a company called Beast Gear which sold boxing equipment on Amazon (he has since sold the business).  We now have a team dedicated to supporting clients with Amazon based businesses so we are spending lots of time in this world. 

We have had the pleasure of getting to know other organisations who support Amazon small businesses, such as Michael Veazy of amazingfba.com Michael offers training and strategic support to Amazon centric businesses who are looking to scale to 7 figure businesses.  

Allison was interviewed recently by Michael for the new 10K Collective eCommerce Podcast and, although this is aimed at businesses selling on Amazon, much of it applies equally to any trading business. 

The Podcasts

The 2 podcasts with Michael are now live!  

In the first one we covered Amazon Accounting Mistakes

  • Learning the importance of revenue
  • Discovering the difference between Net profit before taxes and EBITDA.
  • Learn the basics and importance of balance sheets.

The second episode looks at Personal and Company Financial Management

  • How to use dividends as payment.
  • The solutions for separating out tax to one side.
  • The difference between accounting and bookkeeping.

Where to listen

The podcast episodes are now live and can be found on:

Apple Podcasts (iTunes)
Google Podcasts

If you want to listen on a web browser (desktop or mobile) and/or read the show notes, click the links below: 

Episode 1: Amazon Accounting Mistakes:


Episode 2: Personal and Company Financial Management:


The 10K Collective Podcast and AmazingFBA

This is a new podcast for Michael Veazey. Michael has been running a very successful AmazingFBA suite of training for ecommerce entrepreneurs since September 2015. Training is aimed at Amazon FBA businesses that are scaling fast and seeking 7 figure turnovers. It has a modest but very niche and loyal audience in the US, UK as well as in Canada, Australia and Germany.  

If you are running a business that primarily sells on Amazon then we strongly recommend you check out how Michael can help you https://amazingfba.com/

If you need accounting support for your Amazon business then you can check out what we have to offer here. You can also request a copy of my e-book ‘Top 10 Tips for Amazon Businesses using Xero’ here.

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