Mint Your Own Business: Save cash - build your own website!

I have been managing and building our Mint website for years and, although it’s not perfect, we have saved significant amounts of money doing this in-house. Even if you sell products online, it’s worth looking at a templated website builder especially if you have someone in house with marketing experience and a keen eye for design. If you don’t have someone who fits that profile it may be worth getting a part time intern / student onboard who could do this and likely help you with other marketing activities. 

We pay around £300+VAT per year for our website. I designed it using a template site from  Rocketspark and do all updates myself. There are definitely downsides to doing this but, for the amount of money we save, it is worth it. Previously, if we were updating the site, we were drafting copy ourselves anyway then paying someone else to upload. 

This is also a great option for service startups who are tight on cash. I have created a number of sites now for a number of businesses, so if you are looking at this I recommend you look at:

Rocketspark  (this integrates to Xero so you can push online sales straight into your accounts too)