Mint Your Own Business: More tips for boosting team loyalty

Following Charlotte’s blog from last week on using extra holidays to boost team loyalty, it made me think about what else we do for our team when it comes to extra benefits.

One of our most popular benefits is the perks we have by using CharlieHRCharlieHR is our online HR system - we use it to track holidays, working from home days and sick days. It links all of this info with our calendars so everyone can see at a glance who is in and who is not.  It’s also where we hold all of our contracts, probationary reviews and next of kin details.  

We offer work from home days to most of the team - brilliant if you have a delivery or an urgent errand to run.  A WFH day can avoid the need for a full day or half day holiday when you really just need to have a bit of extra time at home.

CharlieHR also has a Perks at Work structure that allows staff to access hundreds of benefits such as cheap cinema tickets, holiday discounts and discounted meals out.  It’s been really popular and most of the team make the most of the discounts on offer.

As well as having a death in service benefit for staff, we recently extended our health insurance offering and that has been really well received.  Some of our senior staff have company cars or car allowances though we are in the process of looking at converting company cars to electric vehicles due to the upcoming tax benefits and interest free loans for these.  Ah - I think I’ve just worked out what next week’s blog needs to be about...