One of our areas of speciality at Mint, is e-commerce. Our e-commerce clients sell on a variety of platforms and in a variety of markets. Many clients sell primarily via Amazon and use Amazon fulfilment services. This means many of our clients end up trading globally and reporting in a number of different jurisdictions. Over time we have developed our business to create a team specialising in Amazon based business accounting.  We have also developed relationships with accountants around the world who can provide support to our clients when trading outwith the UK.

The use of systems such as Xero and Link My Books has allowed us to simplify the services we offer to e-commerce businesses.

E-commerce Services

Dedicated Client Manager

Cloud Accounting & Software Services

Xero Online Accounting Licence 

Link My Books Licence 

Dext Prepare Licence

Compliance Services 

Preparation and submission of annual accounts 

Preparation and submission of corporation tax return 

Preparation and submission of confirmation statement

Preparation and submission of VAT returns

Company Payroll

Full book-keeping service

Purchase Order Tracker  

Growth and Advisory Services

Exit Ready Financial Reports (designed to report on COGS correctly for e-com business and including a regular business valuation calculation) 

Progress Call with Client Manager or where appropriate Director 

Additional / Adhoc Services Available

Full transactions and VAT review to ensure prior reporting is correct 

Inventory review & analysis

Purchases Order Tracker 

COGS review and support 

Landed Costs Analysis 

Mint Referral Scheme Membership (click here for full details)

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