Mini Mint

Our Mini Mint package is designed for very small sole traders such as personal trainers, mobile hairdressers and taxi drivers. In this package we simply use the records you keep to prepare your annual financial statements and tax returns.


BaseMint provides the basic services and support a company requires to meet its statutory obligations. We also set you up with a Xero Account to ensure you are able to keep up to date with your book-keeping throughout the year and so that you do not miss out on the opportunity to access real time financial data about your business. Like all of our packages you will also be assigned to a Dedicated Client Manager who will look after you throughout your time as a Minty.

Solo Mint

This package is for sole traders and small partnerships looking to grow their business. The package has been developed to meet basic business needs but also to provide regular updates on your business performance. We believe that even sole traders need more information than just their year end accounts and tax returns if they are to grow and develop.